Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson

Head Coach

I'm all about working the mind and body! 1500 Elo Chess Rating(hit me up if you want to play assault bike chess), washed up bowler but can still throw some strikes(289 top game-darn 1st frame), and a few years back after a terrible snatch session decided to do Fran for a huge PR 1:59(don't ask for me to do it now- goal is to help you get there)


CrossFit Level 2(10 years Coaching CrossFit), USA Weightlifting, Personal Trainer Since 2007

About Coach

One Saturday night a friend text me saying I should turn on ESPN 3 to watch this "event" called "The CrossFit Games"- Murph on the beach... So young me thought it would be a great idea to do that workout... Lets just say it didn't go as planned but after that I was hooked! The following year I went to my first level 1 seminar where I was introduced to "Fran"- Kipping Pull-Ups(wait I only do strict..) and Thrusters(I have to do what with a barbell?!?!). After 8 minutes of questioning my life decisions they told me I was done with the "Fran" workout. I may have been exhausted, couldn't feel my arms or legs but I knew this "CrossFit" stuff would be exactly what I needed to progress my health and fitness! Fast forward 10 years(now)- I have seen members, friends, family, and myself reach goals I would have never imagined. Watching members do their first pull-ups, running a mile(so many members told me they would never be able to yet now they do it in their free time!!!), learning how to Olympic Weightlifting is what motivates me to wake up every morning!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching and CrossFit is my tool to do so! I have been around the CrossFit world for over 10 years now, personal training since 2007 and I want to use the knowledge I have gained to help our members be the healthiest they can. Weightlifting is my passion but I still love coaching gymnastics(CrossFit Style), as long as you don't need help learning to swim I got you!

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