Graham Winchester

Graham Winchester


Snatch 275lbs, Clean 352lbs, Bench 305lbs
Jackie 5:25, 2k Row 6:48, 5k C2 bike 8:37


BA Mathematics - Transylvania University
BS Civil Engineering - University of Kentucky

About Coach

I grew up playing baseball and basketball competitively and recreationally played golf, tennis, soccer among others. I continued playing baseball in high school as a three year starter leading Dunbar High School to a top 10 rank as a senior. I continued my career at Transylvania University for two years, highlighted by being the HCAC player of the week during my sophomore season. After college I started taking CrossFit classes and eventually began participating in local competitions. Recently, I have competed for Man O War at the semifinal level at the MAC in 2021 and at the Syndicate Crown in 2022.

Turning Point

Before starting CrossFit, I worked out at a commercial gym. I’d put my headphones in and repeat the same stagnate workouts each week. I knew little about CrossFit except that everyone wore silly looking shoes and acted like they were in a cult. My turning point is when a cousin finally convinced me to join her for a CrossFit class during a family vacation. The class was hard and I had no idea how out of shape I truly was. But the energy was infectious and I felt great after. I was hooked. I signed up for Man O War the next week and the rest is history. Plus the shoes look a lot better now.

Motivation & Passion

I think CrossFit can be for everyone. If you have been taking CrossFit classes and want to take the next step into competing, my class is for you. Interval training is a great way to learn how to be comfortable with a high heart rate. If you workout to improve your health and longevity, my class is for you. It’s a great way to improve cardiovascular endurance without being too sore the next day. If you are simply bored on a Sunday, my class is for you! I promise to provide a high energy, high heart rate environment. You may not love me during the workout, but you’ll be glad you pushed yourself once it’s over.

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