Clayton Ward

Clayton Ward



USAW Weightlifting Certification, CPR & First Aide Certified, Personal Training for 10+ Years

About Coach

Coming from a very "Friday Night Lights" type of small town in Ohio, football was everything, so of course I played football. I also wrestled until tearing my ACL, and ran the 800m in Track amongst other events occasionally. Sports taught me so much but really gave me a passion for fitness and taking care of yourself. My career has taught me so much empathy and humility along the way. The humility that you arent always the best or even one of the best at even the people your training in the same room with. And that's ok, it's an opportunity to learn. Empathy to understand every person is different, with different problems, different injuries, and a different season of life. So every person should be treated as an individual training client trying to accomplish their own goals.

Turning Point

After college I went home to Ohio and got a classic sales job. It was very long hours and very good money but I got very unhealthy and didn't enjoy life much. That's about the time a friend called and said he was doing personal training in Lexington KY and thought I'd be really good at it. That friend was Jason, my future business partner and co-owner of Man O War Fitness. So with $1000 to my name I moved to Lexington with no plan B. I started shadowing and getting my certifications. A few months later I was a full fledged Personal Trainer with clients.

Motivation & Passion

I'm passionate to help people. It excites me to see people do things they never thought they'd do. Or to open doors physically to people who have mentally restricted themselves their whole lives. Watching a girl pick up heavy weight for the first time or a 50 year old man realize he doesn't have to have back pain through movement is a great feeling. People never cease to amaze me with what they can accomplish and how uplifting it is to everyone around them.

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